Masculine & Feminine For All

Guided Visualization Meditation
All Levels
Fri May 17
(UTC-05:00) New York
2 hours, 0 minutes

About this class

Experience How You Are Your Own Sun, Moon & Stars.

There’s a lot of masculine/feminine info out there, and Ash wants to keep it simple, powerful, and practical for everyone. Really it’s about the INNER expression and perpetual co-creation of our masculine and feminine that can help anyone step into greater harmony of self-leadership. You’ll love the simple analogies and practices to view this powerful lens through in the age where collectively the masculine and feminine is rebalancing for greater harmony on the whole planet. Jump on the beautiful bandwagon my leader people!

Watch the Masterclass Intro Video Here:

You will focus on

  • experiencing our inner masculine and feminine expressions

How to come prepared

  • be open to guided meditation, reflection, and movement practice