Kundalini Yoga
All Levels
Thu Dec 07
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

In our yoga class, we'll explore movements that affect the colon, which can impact the absorption of nutrients. According to yogic science, your overall health can be influenced by this central aspect in your abdomen. Join us in this exploration of yoga's profound impact on your digestive health and holistic vitality.

Please have 12 oz. of prune juice with you when you begin the set.

Substitutes for pune juice are:

<strong>Fruit Juices:</strong>

Apple juice: Known for its mild laxative effect and high fiber content.

Pear juice: Contains sorbitol, aiding in bowel movements.

Plum juice: Similar properties to prune juice, promoting bowel regularity.

<strong>Herbal Teas:</strong>

Chamomile tea: Has soothing properties for the digestive system.

Peppermint tea: Can help alleviate digestive discomfort.


Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is crucial for good digestion.

You will focus on

  • breath work
  • exercises
  • chanting
  • meditation

How to come prepared

  • yoga mat or sheepskin
  • bolster to sit on
  • blanket
  • water