Body Code Healing

Energy Healing
All Levels
Sat Oct 14
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

During this class students ask their question and I am accessing what their body, spirit, and soul needs directly from their subconscious mind and energy. It is a very effective healing approach, and it requires only relaxation and openness from you.

<strong>What is the benefit of Body Code Healing?</strong>

Ease physical discomfort, illness & injuries
Get clarity on where you may be blocked energetically; identify ways to remove stagnant energy for transformation
Reveal any internal hidden agendas that are not supporting your health, wealth and happiness

You will focus on

  • asking your question
  • allow the connection
  • relax into the process
  • evaluate the progress

How to come prepared

  • comfortable ground to lay or sit on
  • please create a peaceful environment free of interruptions
  • blanket
  • water