Blue Dragon Healing - Vibe Tuning for Joy

Energy Healing
All Levels
Tue Sep 26
(UTC-05:00) New York
90 min

About this class

You came into this incarnation with all of your spiritual gifts fully intact, and they have remained so throughout your lifetime, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes.

However, when we were very young, many of us were fed fear-based thoughts by well-meaning adults which created some perceptual distortions, causing us to feel inadequate.

It's time to end this cycle of inadequacy and call forth the truest expression of your potential.

To become all that you came here to be, you actually don't need the approval of anyone or anything outside of yourself, nor do you need to be constantly focused on shadow work.

Under the guidance of the blue dragon, we will help you to spark joy at a core level, helping with your process to:

1) Activate your gifts.

2) Connect with your guides.

3) Gain clarity to make your choices from your own truth.


My guides can be broken into 3 main groups: dragons, angels, and other light beings, though this entire experience is conducted by the blue dragon.

During a healing session, my guides enjoy playing me like a piano. You'll find out what that means when you attend; the experience is very dynamic.

You will focus on

  • Joy and Effervescence
  • Dragon Healing
  • Angelic Healing

How to come prepared

  • Find a comfortable place to sit up straight or lie down for ~1 hour
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Don't do anything very stimulating for an hour beforehand