Mentoring with Bahlon for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Spiritual Counseling
All Levels
Mon Jun 12
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Each week, Kai offers channeled spiritual guidance addressing the challenges that are unique to spiritual entrepreneurs-healers, coaches, psychics, mediums, yogis, meditation guides and other wellness facilitators that are aligned with providing a heart-centered approach to raising the overall consciousness of the planet. Bahlon provides solutions for challenges such as:  ⚡Difficulty in marketing and promoting their services effectively  ⚡Fears: woundings, clearing the past, worthiness,  ⚡Afraid to be “Seen/Heard”  ⚡Self-Sabotage (fear of success) ⚡Limiting Beliefs  ⚡Abundance & Energetic Expansion ⚡Lack of clarity in their business strategy and goals ⚡Limited knowledge or resources in areas such as finance and business operations  

Bahlon will kick things off each session by diving deeply into a different topic each week, sharing knowledge from the high-vibration Causal Plane of dimension, then open the floor to your own questions. This is your opportunity to gain 1:1 personalized mentoring directly from Source. This experience is known to activate clarity, highly attuned precisional action to take, spiritual development, incredible synchronicities, and provide life-changing beneficial impacts. Bahlon, through Kai, offers guidance so precise and uplifting, you will want to join in every week (and MANY do!).

Join us for a VIVAYA exclusive channeled mentoring circle with Bahlon.  Meet Bahlon, an ancient and wise high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane and Master Tance Channel, Kai Clay.