Intimate Channeling Circle with Bahlon

Psychic Readings
All Levels
Fri Mar 31
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Join us for a VIVAYA exclusive channeling circle with Bahlon.

Ever hear of Trance Channeling? Or how about Light Language? Meet Bahlon, an ancient and wise high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane and master trance channel Kai Clay.

The messages shared during their packed group events are always uplifting, are often staggeringly predictive, filled with the Divine healing energy of Universal love, hope and healing. Known as the "psychic’s psychic” because so many light workers turn to Bahlon when they need help themselves.

Bahlon supports individuals from all walks of life, including: business leaders, moms, healers, celebrities and even Buddhist monks regularly book private readings with Bahlon.

"Get Ahead by Getting Out of Your Head"


You will focus on

  • Astonishingly accurate answers to all of your important questions
  • Your true purpose, your origin, best path to success, relationships, and more...
  • Clarity, success, wholeness, fulfillment, growth, family, work, finances, career, love

How to come prepared

  • There is no need to prepare - Bahlon will connect with you however you choose!
  • Thank you and see you soon in the channeling circle!