Dry January Svadhaya

Detox Nutrition
All Levels
Sun Jan 29
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Are you thinking about participating in Dry January? Taking a break from alcohol can do wonders for your mental and physical health (and bank account!), but it can feel lonely if others around you aren’t participating. Join this judgement-free, supportive gathering where we do a deep dive into self-inquiry (or svadhyaya) about alcohol, celebrate our efforts, and embrace a healthful start to 2023.

Each week, we’ll start with a short meditation followed by discussion, journaling, and celebration. 

Session Dates and Descriptions
(All sessions are 6:00-7:00 pm EST)

Cost: $15 per session

Session 1:  Wednesday, December 28
What am I hoping to learn?

So often, the language around alcohol is judgmental and labeling. We’ll start our inquiry a few days before NYE with a discussion on your reasons for participating in Dry January. Maybe you’re simply curious about what a month without drinking will feel like. Maybe you’re wondering about the harms of alcohol. By treating this next month as an experiment, we can start to dismantle the blaming and judgement that often accompanies questioning our drinking. We will explore how this journey applies to the Niyama of Svadhyaya, or self-study.

Session 2: Sunday, January 1
How will I fill the time?

Welcome to a new beginning! This is the first official day of Dry January and you might be wondering how to fill the time when you might otherwise be enjoying an evening cocktail or glass of wine. In this session, I’ll share some ways I managed the time during my first Dry January and we’ll get ideas from others who have taken long breaks before. We will explore how the Niyama of Tapas, or self-disclipline, can inform your journey.

Session 3: Sunday, January 8
What does the most current research say?

There’s so much guidance on “safe” amounts of alcohol, from “a glass of wine a day is good for you” to “there is no safe amount of alcohol.” In this session, I’ll share a few things I’ve learned from my reading and research about how alcohol impacts our mental health, physical health, and internal reward system. We’ll also discuss how alcohol is marketed to various sub-groups. Finally, we discuss how you can rely less on willpower and more on brainpower when you are making decisions about your drinking. We will also explore how the Yama of Ahimsa, or non-harm, includes reducing harm to oneself.

Session 4: Sunday, January 15
How can I keep the rituals, but lose the toxin?

One of the things I noticed during alcohol breaks was that I not only missed the alcohol, I missed the lovely rituals—sharing a glass of wine with my husband, ordering a drink when dining out, using my favorite crystal champagne flutes. In this session, we’ll discuss ways you can keep those rituals, but without the toxic effects of alcohol. I’ll share a few of my favorite NA treats. If you have favorites, please come prepared to share those as well! We will apply the Niyama of Saucha, or cleanliness, to this week’s practice.

Session 5: Sunday, January 22
What am I noticing?

By now, you’ve likely gone three weeks without alcohol, or at least have cut back. What are you noticing? Are you seeing positive changes in your skin or sense of calm? Are you noticing anything that worries you? In this open discussion, we’ll do a check-in to see how you’re doing. The Yama of Satya, or truthfulness, will be explored in this session.

Session 6: Sunday, January 29
What’s next?

WOO HOO! You’re just two days shy of completing Dry January. What have you learned? Have you discovered some answers to your initial research question? Do you have more questions you want to explore? What’s next for you for February? Or for the rest of 2023? In this session, we’ll celebrate your efforts and you’ll map out where you want to go from here. Beginning where we started, we will revisit the Niyama of Svadhyaya, or self-study, in our discussion.

*PLEASE NOTE: These discussions are for those who are rethinking the role of alcohol in their lives or taking a break from alcohol. While I can talk about my own journey with alcohol and help others as they explore their journeys, I am not professionally-trained in substance abuse disorders. If you have been diagnosed Alcohol Use Disorder or suspect you might have a severe addition, please consult your doctor before joining. You can find more resources and support here:




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You will focus on

  • How taking a break from alcohol ties in with yoga's yamas and niyamas
  • Taking notice of how we feel during alcohol breaks
  • How to fill the time
  • How our habits are informed by advertising and confusing research

How to come prepared

  • Yoga mat
  • Journal
  • Willingness to share in small groups