Face Yoga Friday

Ashtanga Yoga
All Levels
Fri Dec 16
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

A mid-day class to energize your face for the weekend. Enjoy this joyful class including:

Facial tension releasing massage

Face Yoga Method exercise 

Confidence-boosting meditation 


Beautify your face in your own space at home or work. You can do this at a desk or seated on a yoga mat. Invite this ancient wisdom celebrated for thousands of years and now used by aestheticians, makeup artists, and celebrities. 


Holistic principles to uplift and refine your appearance with your own hands. 


Enjoy this massage and exercise routine from the head, face, neck, to the décolleté. Ask questions about your unique face and refine your practice with a certified Face Yoga Method instructor. 

You will focus on

  • Eyes and Cheeks

How to come prepared

  • Bring facial mist, facial oil, and eye cream
  • Be in a seated space.
  • Bring water for hydration.