Trance Channeling Circle with BAHLON

Psychic Readings
All Levels
Fri Dec 30
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Join our Channeling Circle with Bahlon, the ancient and wise high-vibration Entity from the Causal Plane. Ask your important questions. Hear about your own highest potential. Receive divine guidance directly from Bahlon that will move you forward—faster than you can imagine!

Moderated by our own beloved and gifted Morgan Lulu, we meet every week with other seekers just like you—for divine channeled guidance and a special Light Language meditation with Bahlon. Let's grow together!

You will focus on

  • Get answers from Bahlon to your most important questions
  • Develop your own Five Spiritual Senses
  • Meditate in Light Language
  • High vibration energy healing

How to come prepared

  • No need to prepare, just bring yourself
  • Bahlon will gently tune in