Re-Pairing with the Little You

Hypnosis Healing
All Levels
Fri Jul 08
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class


The Emotional Discovery of the truth about the unique history of every child who is adult now.

It gives you chance to liberate free yourself altogether from illusion of not being Enough.

The damage done to us in the childhood cant be undone, we cannot change anything in the past we can however change the way we look at our experience by changing the way we think .

You can re-pair yourself and gain the lost feelings by choosing to look more closely and bring the feelings that is stored inside in your body and bring this knowledge  to the awareness. For healing you have to feel the feeling.. the more you suppressed it , it will come back more stronger.

Feel the feeling until they don’t required to be felt -Marisa Peer

The more you avoid to look in to the stuck  little child  psyche where they are still in repressed childhood situations. Not realising its no longer exist. It’s the response of dysregulated nervous system they will continue to fear and avoid danger the same way as a little child. They are driven by unconscious memories and by repressed feelings and emotions and needs that determine nearly everything they do or fail to do.

In this class we will learn reparenting, re-pariring and reconnecting with the little you with doable easy methods , compassionate strategies, hypnosis ,Coaching and much more and above all safe space that will reprogram, nurture and re align the subconscious consciously. 





You will focus on

  • Healing and understanding
  • Giving tools to connect with your inner child
  • Mindfulness
  • benefits of Alpha brain waves

How to come prepared

  • come with open mind