Special Halloween Class I Connecting with your Soul Tribe

Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation
All Levels
Mon Oct 25
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

The veil is thinning around this time of year, as the seen and unseen progressively lifts around Halloween. 

Join our Special Halloween themed class, as we share how you can energetically align yourself with the unique magic of this powerful time. This class will be multi-lead to provide a full experience expanding on our Mind, Body and Soul. It’s Halloween after all, so let’s tap a little into our witchy side and have some fun pushing the veil open a tad!

Jen Rulon - Mind 

As a 15x Ironman Triathlete, including the Ironman World Championship, the mind can play a toll on you in many moments of your racing. Today, I am sharing how I used my “mind” to achieve a 28 year old dream. 


Megan Swan - Body: Embodiment of the emotions or frequencies of the season

As a Wellness + Mindset Coach I love helping women optimize their wellness in part through embodied movement combined with powerful journaling exercises to help us feel in perfect alignment with the elements of the season: change, mystery, preservation, protection, comfort, balance, & letting go. 

Britt Gustafson - Soul Expansion 

Immerse yourself in heart center awareness through an energetic uplifting reiki infused mediation. We will deep dive into opening up further your 3rd eye and crown chakra. Britt will guide you to activate your intuition and don’t be surprised if you get a few downloads of insight from your guides :)


You will focus on

  • Activating your energetic field.
  • Tapping into your intuition and or guides.
  • Embodying all the emotions and elements of the season.
  • How to use your “mind” to achieve your dreams.

How to come prepared

  • Yoga mat, blanket and or pillow.
  • Yoga clothing for movement.
  • Journal and pen.
  • Open mindset to have a little Halloween fun!