Pilates Yoga Fusion

Vinyasa Yoga
All Levels
Mon Mar 22
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

Combining ab, butt strengthing exercises from yoga, dance, pilaties and calistics. 

Stregth and sculpt the body focusing on the legs, butt and abs. Some weeks we will have more of a full body focus. A weak core and glutes often leads to back pain. So wether your in this class for vanity or structure everyone is welcome.
I will show modifications so all levels can partcipate. Let me know if you have any limitations. 

( pranayama breathing techniques will be done before and after the heat of the practice) So difficult working time is about 30-40 minutes. 


You will focus on

  • Core ( abs and back strengthening )
  • legs and glutes ( strength and sculpt )

How to come prepared

  • Bring resistance bands and light weights ( optional )
  • blocks
  • straps
  • water