Techniques to Transform your life by yourself!

Mental Health Wellness, Kundalini Yoga
All Levels
Sun Jan 21 - Mon Jan 22
1 Seminar Event

About this seminar

Do you know that words have a powerful impact on oneself. There are experiences behind them which can create an impression on other person. Words are like magnets, they can attract positivity in your life just even by thinking of them.  We have often heard words like, "think positive", "say good things", "be happy/grateful" etc. But when there are things going on in our life which are not all that great how to do it? and Why?  In this 1-hour seminar let's learn how to train our mind by usuing such words which can bring miracles. We will also learn which words not to use and how to make our own sentences called affirmation. How to use, when to use, how to bring more impact to it for manifestation of our goals, law of attraction will all be coverd in this session only for a small price. So join me on the specific dates and begin your journing of transforming your own life by yourself.

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