Mariane Peach

"Stay in Your Light, everything will be Alright1 "

I connected with Yoga on a spiritual level first, before I started being connected with my physical practice. I enjoy outdoor activities like surfing, running, and camping, and I Travel quite a lot. I grew up in South America but moved to the US when I was 16, I am 31 now. I love connecting with others and sharing experiences, Human Connection and Community is how we tribe on this Human Experience. I love to help others heal through moving meditation (Yoga) and Breathwork. I started my Yoga Journey when I started doing a work exchange at Yoga Studio, and there was a Teacher Training happening for Prana Vinyasa, by Shiva Rae. I did my YTT with Kelly Doyle and have developed my healing with this practice. I love to share what has helped me step into my authenticity and awakening.


Prana Vinyasa

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to live with the Flow, being able to just listen to your intuition and follow your heart in the direction that makes your being a whole. To manifest a reality without attachments and expectations, to just see everything as a lesson. You Heart is the most powerful tool of intelligence and will guide you trough the storms and sunshine’s. Compassion for your mistakes and fears will have you step into your truth.

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