Doinita Ward


" Honor The Love Within "

Doinita is an international Akashic Records Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Alchemist, and Mystical Astrologer. She guides souls throughout the world in the power of infinite consciousness and embodying their life potential. Doinita has been a Spiritual Counselor for individuals and couples helping with personal and relationship issues, as well as guiding with powerful techniques for connecting body, mind, heart, and spirit. Her multidimensional approach to healing brings incredible clarity and love to people’s personal lives as well as helps connect with mystical realms beyond the physical world. Doinita's principles are easy to apply and simple to understand in a world where we are bombarded by complexity. She helps you to put health, wealth, and peace at your fingertips. Doinita's healing path began in Moldova with her family who cultivated in her a natural healing affinity for plants and the holistic side of life. This evolved into a healing path with many modalities including Akashic Records, Essential oils, the wisdom of plants, crystals, tuning forks and toning, deities, integrating Tibetan, Shamanic, Reiki, and pranic healing techniques. People from all walks of life come to her for healing, clarity, and realignment of body, mind, heart, and soul.


Certified Akashic Records Master Healer

The International Reiki Jin Key Do

Plant Prana Essential Oil Practitioner

Astral Astrology

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Plant Medicine Practitioner

Intuitive Herbalist

Crystal Bowls and Sound Healer

Holistic Mentor


My Philosophy

Embody your life potential. Be the power of infinite consciousness.

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