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"My core desire is to learn about myself, about you, how everything is connected and why we do what we do so that we can all shine brightly. "

Hi there! I’m Monica, your new Astrology and all-around healing bestie. The wisdom I have gained in studying Astrology and Psychology comes from the beautiful energy of my Leo sun sign, which rests in my ninth house. When I learned about the zodiac signs in my natal birth chart, astrology made all of the missing pieces click into place! I finally had the deepest affirmation of my truth and purpose, my core energies and frequency, aligning together to explain who I was and why I was here. Now, I want to help you find that alignment as well!





My Philosophy

I blend my background in Psychology with Astrology, natural healing modalities and Law of Attraction to offer a one of a kind offering for your healing journey!

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