Giovanna Pipari


"If you can't erase a problem, try another way to face it"

I am Italian, I travelled a lot in my young age and after my graduation at Padua University. Then decided to move to Rome from the North of the country and worked many years as a press agent. Then life brought me first to meet kundalini yoga as a student and then as a teacher and it was love at first sight and a never ending passion. I have been practicing kundalini for 16 years and teaching for 6 almost 7 now. I love teaching kundalini yoga because it has trasformed my life. My mission is to make my students wishing to start their practice every single day because they understand that they live better with it. So I am trying to teach some tools to bring in the everyday life. I am keeping myself trained with teachers from around the world, I like it to be international. Since the pandemic my lessons are on line. Before I used to teach in studios in person. I have also created a podcast of meditations.


Bachelor degree in English

Bring prosperity in your life

Learn to meditate every day

My Philosophy

Everyone deserves to be happy and prosperous in life but it takes an effort and discipline. Nothing is out of reach but you need some instruments to learn how to deal with everyday life.

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