César Laurenti


"Me is only an image in the mirror. Beyond the mirror there is open space, liberation and true nature for every one. I is just a mind Illusion, Beyond I there is enlightenment, which is Love, pure non conceptual Love."

Driven by a strong will to uncover the veil of reality and find the true nature of the mind, since I’m was a kid, I started to find the path to accomplish that porpoise. Through Martial Arts since I’m six years old, many doors opened to start this amazing saga. Passionate by the concept of energy ( Chi, Ki, Prana...) I started to learn healing arts to balance body, mind and soul. Following the path in to martial arts I decided to study philosophy in the college. Also because studies of Carl Gustav Jung I decided to post graduate in Psychoanalysis. Decided to improve the knowledge of oriental philosophy, I studied Reiki, Acupuncture, many methods of massage and different kind of Chi Kung healing arts. Since 2000, running a Martial arts school in Brazil, I decided to share classes and seminars of healing arts with students, because I believed it would help people to improve their lives and relationships. Titled Sifu ( martial arts master in 2006 ) representative of the Lee Koon Hung International Kung Fu in Brazil and disciple of Grand Master Li Siu Hung, I had the opportunity to travel USA, China and Hong Kong to learn Martial arts and Chi Kung with many members of the Martial Family. In 2013 I had the Amazing Grace to be Introduced to Tulku Lama Lobsang Riponche and the Tantrayana Philosophy. In that same year took refuge of him, doing my first retreat in Guru Yoga Practice, it was passion in the first view. I became Lu Jong ( Tibetan Healing Yoga Teacher ), Shiné Teacher ( Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation), Guru Yoga Guide and in 2018 I received from the Lama during a power of relaxation retreat in Spain an authorization to teach Bhudist Tantric Philosophy to my students. Tashi Delek ( Blessings in all aspects of your Life).


My Philosophy

In the Heart of the Lama In the heart of the Lama I found kindness In the heart of the Lama I found love In the heart of the Lama I found compassion In the heart of the Lama I found peace In the heart of the Lama I found... In the heart of the Lama... I disappeared... In the heart... ... To help more and more sentient beings who really wants to search happiness, improve live in all aspects and learn with every experience during that marvelous process called Life.

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