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Daniele Gates

"Life is a journey, not a destination. Travel well."

Daniele Gates is a 16-year educator from New York City. Her passion for yoga and mindfulness was prompted by teacher burnout and a need for a more focused self-care routine. She has completed over 700 hours of training over the last five years and in 2018 founded Yinsa, a yoga and Ayurvedic wellness company aiming to make yoga and Ayurveda mainstream and help underserved communities build self-care practices. Daniele is also an anatomy trainer at Breathe for Change, a yoga teacher training program, and has trained hundreds of new yoga teachers who now have the tools to bring yoga back to their classroom. Daniele’s passion for adventure, the ocean, astrology and spiritual healing have prompted her to lead retreats, workshops, and trainings around the globe.


Yin Yoga



My Philosophy

I believe in honoring all 8 limbs of yoga. Asana is one, but the other 7 are equally important. I aim to help practitioners learn to bring the practice back to it's roots, and understand that yoga is a spiritual practice rather than exercise.

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