Self-Healing CEO

Trauma Coaching
All Levels
Sat Mar 09
(UTC-05:00) New York
90 min

About this class

Want to be the boss of your own healing? Yeah, me too.

This class is a delicious dive into an incredible self-healing toolkit that merges healing of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Ash approaches healing with the concept that it's only about reconnecting with has been consciously and unconsciously disconnected. Pop in for all the classes, or the one that interests you most. Guaranteed to give you practical skills where you can walk away feeling confident in your ability to help you help yourself. 

Week 1: Connecting To Stream of Consciousness

Week 2: Connecting To Big & Little Self

Week 3: Breath & Meditation: A Routine To Clear Energy Channels

Week 4: Feel The Feeling: Awareness Practice For Somatic Experiencing

Week 5: Energy Psychology 101: A Practical Toolkit For Trauma Healing (EFT, Tapping, Sedona Method & more) 

Week 6: Reparenting 101: Loving Your Inner Little

Week 7: The Self Healing Lifestyle: Staying Present, Allowing, Accepting, Romance, Magic 

Week 8: Putting It All Together In A Beautiful Dance 


You will focus on

  • A New Form or Skill Of Self-Healing Each Week

How to come prepared

  • A willingness and openness to be guided