Coming Home To Yourself

Work-Life Balance Coaching
All Levels
Wed Nov 29
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Discover your core beliefs and how to work with them to create fulfillment and balance in every part of your life!

Our core values are the aspects of life that are most important to us.  They live inside of us.  But many of us have pushed them off the path.  Growing up we learn to believe that we have to work to live and so we find a job, a career path that will give us the financial life we want.  And maybe we like our work, maybe not....that doesn't matter, right?  



You are so worthy of meeting yourself and what's most important to you!

We grow up with one or more of the following core beliefs:

I'm unworthy

I'm unlovable

I'm not enough

These often live at our core and take up all the space, re-enforcing the inauthentic path we're on.

You will focus on

  • discovering your core values
  • discovering false self-beliefs
  • transform self-beliefs to serve us in thriving
  • breathwork & visualization

How to come prepared

  • bring a notebook dedicated to the work of coming home to yourself
  • find a quiet place indoors or in nature
  • prepare to transform the thoughts, beliefs, patterns that have held you back in life