Yoga for Healers

Trauma Informed Yoga
All Levels
Tue Nov 21
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Are you a teacher, social worker, health professional, wellness coach, human rights advocate, parent, caretaker, or just a highly empathetic or sensitive person? Do you often take on the energy of others? If so, come join this gentle yoga class that will allow you to fill up your cup so you can continue to support and empower others.

In this class, we will practice asanas (physical postures) with lots of modifications, along with empowering mantras, somatic practices, and meditation to help you replenish your energy to give you the strength you need to do your necessary work. Come join me and find yourself again!


You will focus on

  • Gentle Asanas
  • Somatic Practices
  • Empowering Mantras
  • Guided Meditation

How to come prepared

  • Mat
  • Any necessary props
  • Any open mind/heart