Wild Breath: Unwind & Let the day go

Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
All Levels
Wed Oct 11
(UTC-05:00) New York
30 min

About this class

Change your breath and change your life. I know, I know... You're ALREADY breathing. However... Not like this. 

Do you ever feel exhausted in the day and can't wait to get home, relax, get ready for a great night's sleep, crawl into bed and them...BOOM! In come the thoughts, cortisol is racing, you are bright eyed and bushy-tailed without any sign of dreamtime...sound familiar?  Incorporating breathing exercises in the evening may help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly

Each session is an active meditation, a unique and intutitive experience including invitations for light movement and of course, intentional breathwork. 

All you need to do is show up for yourself with an open heart and open mind...and breathe.  

This Session Is Perfect For You If: 

*You’ve been hearing about the power of breathwork and want to try it yourself. 

*You feel overwhelmed and overstimulated and overthinking is your best friend. 

*You have trouble falling asllep, staying asleep and/or feeling rested in the morning

*It's only midweek and you are counting the minutes until the weekend, to gt some rest


You will focus on

  • Conscious Breathing
  • Soothing an Overthinking Mind
  • Reducing Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm
  • Preparing for a Restful Night's Sleep

How to come prepared

  • Be in a comfortable, dimly lit, private location (headphones encouraged)
  • Body temperature can fluctuate. Blanket and socks are suggested
  • Open mind, open heart
  • Face washed, teeth brushed, pajamas on...because you will be ready to "call it a day" when we're finished :)