Restorative Yoga - Letting Go

Restorative Yoga
All Levels
Thu Oct 05
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

Taking this time to listen to the whispers of your body so that your body does not have to scream. With our time togher we will quiet the mind and come into our feeling body.  I will guide you deeply into the speical place of feeling sensations in the body as you release tightness and tension while increasing energy flow, your natural vitality. This class is for anybody who wants to have increased vitality, release tension in the body and cultivate a deep, restful sleep.

You will focus on

  • Listening to the whispers of the body
  • Releasing tension and tightness in the body
  • Inducing a deep, restful sleep
  • Increasing Vitality - your Lifeforce

How to come prepared

  • Bolster, Blanket, Pillow, Eye Pillow