Journey Through The Koshas: Hatha Yoga and Meditation Series

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Mon Sep 25
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

This month's series is working through the Koshas. The subtle body energetic layers that we face daily. These consist of: 

Anamaya Kosha - the Physical Layer  we will integrate Positive Emotion practice as our baseline 

Pranamaya Kosha - the Energetic layer we will work on breath work techniques and level-up flows 

Manomaya Kosha - the Mental layer where we work on Relationship awareness with our Higher Selves and those around us

Vijnanamaya Kosha - the Wisdom layer where we integrate Meaningful and Mindfulness practices and flows 

Anandamaya Kosha - the Bliss level when one is unbothered by anything and immersed in an ongoing relationship with the Self. Achievements and accomplishments are celebrated in this state. We will explore deep meditation techniques with some light flow and reflection affirmations. 

Each week we will learn about a different layer and how by introducing the PERMA method as a practice in navigating the Koshas, we are able to face life's challenges with grace and flexibility. 

This series is a mini-introduction to the JBUF Koshas Mini-Course and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

Reach out to me @jbyfnola on YouTube or @jaibhaktiyoga on FB/IG 


You will focus on

  • Empowering Positive Mindset
  • Strengthening
  • Meditation
  • Foundation Setting

How to come prepared

  • Blocks, Straps, Pillows, Bolster, Chair (Any Props)
  • comfortable
  • Distraction Free