Elemental Meditations

All Levels
Fri May 19
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Join Phoenix Ilu on a meditative journey featuring Reiki healing and 13 years of her curated techniques for embodied self-awareness. Each week will bring guests through an experience of connecting through the center of our head into the depths of both our Earth and Cosmos to unlock our DNA and expand into our highest potential. Guides from the animal, ancestral, angelic, starseed, light being, and all around the universe are invited in the highest and best way possible to bring us into greater states of healing, connection, compassion, and awareness.

You will focus on

  • Energy work, Shadow work, Reiki healing
  • Tools and techniques for whole systems integration
  • Radical self-embodiment & self-expression
  • Cultivation of compassion & connection

How to come prepared

  • Journal & pen
  • Water & candle
  • Comfortable place to sit, move, and lie down
  • Tools for deeper self-expansion