Personalized Hypno-Coaching

Hypnosis Healing
All Levels
Sun Apr 30
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Are you an entrepreneur, empath, healer, yogi, lightworker, or spiritually curious individual who is ready to amplify their mindset for success? We dissolve the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your next chapter of expansion. You are ready to take your momentum to new heights with a lazer-focused approach. Sessions with Morgan Lulu help you to embody a happier lifestyle that aligns with an empowered and unstoppable mindset. Morgan has been named "Top Hypno-Coach in 2021" by Coaching Foundation, is a certified in clinical hypnosis, past life regression specialist, empath and avid Kundalini Yogi. She utilizes yogic and Buddhist philosophy, guided meditation, current neuroscience, past life regression, and powerful hypnosis techniques to achieve lastng results.

I can help with: 


~spiritual development

~past life exploration

~support for empaths


~reaching goals/mindset 

~unwanted behavior/patterns

~sleep issues

~physical body transformation 

Session includes a personalized hypnosis experience (subconscious mind training) and coaching or meditation (conscious mind training) to create the action steps to move forward.

 Feel free to record the hypnosis session (on your phone is easiest) so that you can listen often.

You will focus on

  • releasing limitations
  • dissolving fears, doubts, anxiety, stress, unwanted behaviors/patterns
  • activating greater self-compassion and confidence
  • develop new tools and action steps forward

How to come prepared

  • no previous hypnosis experience required
  • comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • Bring a journal, pen, and headphones
  • light blanket as temperature may drop