Yoga Nidra
All Levels
Tue Jan 31
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

How do you meet all the changing perceptions & experiences unfolding in life?

iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation uses a 10-step protocol that is based in the Yogic teachings as well as in scientific research.

iRest® is now offered to diverse populations and settings around the world, including in therapy, health care, athletics, addiction recovery, senior care, education, yoga, and the military.


Please join me for an iRest® session to support you in welcoming / allowing / inviting any messages or messengers from life. 

Participate live with me, or sign-up to receive the recording to savour in your own time.

During this short 45-minute practice, you won’t have to talk, although you will have the opportunity to ask questions or give feedback at the beginning and end (15-minute discussion). You may want to have something to write with for any insights that may arise.

If you've never tried this beautiful practice, here is your chance to enjoy it for FREE in January.

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If you want to explore working 1-1 with me, discover where to start.
Please contact me:

responding to these questions below:
(*Your responses remain confidential and private):

1) What is one thing, calling for your attention that you need support with?
2) If you are comfortable sharing, what have you tried so far?

We may schedule a brief call / Zoom meeting (15-20 min) to discover how I may be able to support your needs, possibly on a Monday night around 8 - 8:15pm

(*before my weekly session of RELEASE & RESTORE: 40-MINUTES that starts at 8:30 pm)

Connect with me through the Contact page or at  I look forward to responding personally.

You will focus on

  • Interweaving supportive practices
  • Integrating skillful breathing
  • Tuning in as the body gently leads each Yoga movement
  • Letting go during the guided iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation

How to come prepared

  • Put on comfy clothing that your body can move as well as rest in.
  • Settle into a cozy space and onto surfaces that support movement as well as release.
  • Prepare other supports, such as cushions, blankets, essential oils, or an eye pillow.
  • Be open to whatever may appear during our time together (perhaps even sleep).