*Phenomenal Full Moon Workshop*

Energy Healing
All Levels
Wed Dec 07
(UTC-05:00) New York
2 hours, 0 minutes

About this class

Phenomenal Full Moon Workshop 

~We Come Together To Celebrate The Full Moon And All The Opportunity That Comes With Full Moon Energy! 

~Starting Off With A Discussion Of Our Full Moon Intentions!  

~What Our We Needing And Wanting To Release From Our Lives With This Full Moon Energy? 

~Join Me In This Workshop To Learn And Discuss What Full Moon Energy Is All About! 

~The How To's For Writing Mantras, Affirmations, Release Letters; And Cord Cutting Ceremonies Explained! 

**Also Included:  How To Charge And Cleanse Crystals, How To Make Moon Water And What We Can Use It For, And Alter Ideas Will Be Shared! 


*Mini Distant Reiki Share!!! 

*Angel Messages Shared As They Come Through! 


Reiki And Reiki Cord Cutting Ceremonies For Those Who Want It Will Be Available In 1:1 Sessions! 

Questions Can Be Sent To: 


You will focus on

  • New Moon Energy, And Intention, Affirmation, And Mantra Writing
  • The Manifestation Process Explained!
  • How To Use Full Moon Energy & Alter Ideas That Resonate With YOUR Beliefs!
  • Crystal & Moon Water Blessing, Cleansing, Charging, And Uses!

How to come prepared

  • Bring An Open Mind And Heart!
  • Bring Your Favorite Pen And Notebook
  • Bring All Your Favorite Crystals And A Container Of Choice Filled With Purified Water.
  • And Anything Else That Will Assist You In Feeling Safe & Grounded