Mythology Behind Natarajasan(a) ~ Lord of the Dances

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Thu Sep 29
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Mythology Behind AMythology Behind Natarajasan(a) ~ Lord of the Dances

Blending your yoga practice with contemplations from yoga asanas/poses to deepen your practice and bring it into your daily life...

we will explore one YOGA POSE MYTHOLOGICAL STORY every month, as we continue our blissful yoga to attain and maintain the afterglow 

and carry that wisdom into the rest of our yoga sessions for the month

Contemplating the mythology, benefits and deeper meaning.

You will focus on

  • The Mythology Behind the Pose
  • Connecting to your breath which helps to cultivate patience
  • Becoming stronger, supple and flexible
  • Mindful tender awareness of your Self

How to come prepared

  • Empty Stomach (not starving)
  • Curious open mind
  • Ready to embrace external silence to find the silence within
  • Props like blankets, blocks and straps are optional