Yin Yoga with a spice of life coaching

Life Coaching
All Levels
Tue Sep 27
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

Transmuting energies instead of absorbing them is a skill every empath needs to master.

The key to transmutation is being the neutral observer and remaining detached.

STOP being identify with other people baggage.

SO You begin to understand which energies are yours and which are others when you can identify the point of origin.

 Be aware AND unbothered.

"Dont allow others to pull you into their storm.. instead, reach out your hand and pull them into your peace."

Mahatma Gandhi

You will focus on

  • Breathing
  • Conscious awareness of the energy that is our physical body, mind and soul being present and awarene.
  • feel good

How to come prepared

  • Yoga mat & block
  • yoga ball
  • An Open Mind and an Open Heart