Energetic Recalibration to Raise Frequency

Spiritual Counseling
All Levels
Tue Jul 12
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

In this class I will provide energy work and and frequency attunements to help you reset your energy bodies to a more vibrant and empowered state. I will do this using Reiki, Reading the Field, and techniques from my shamanic empowerment practice. We will practice simple mindfulness exercises to help you extend the benefits of the Energetic Recalibration. Clients who have experienced Energetic Recalibration with me report an enhanced sense of vibrancy and wellbeing, calm and peacefulness, as well as an increased ability to access more positive emotions and to listen more deeply to their intuition.  

You will focus on

  • Energetic Recalibration
  • Frequency Attunements
  • Reading the Energy Field
  • Mindfulness

How to come prepared

  • A pillow or yoga mat for comfortable sitting and meditating/reflecting
  • An Open Mind and an Open Heart
  • (OPTIONAL) candle or crystal or other focusing tool that you use in your own practice