Awaken With Yoga

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Wed Nov 24
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

A 60-minute gentle hatha yoga class designed to give you the best possible start to the day. Right from the start, you will learn quick, easy and useful practices that will become your life hacks and transform the way you experience daily life.

Suitable for all levels, the classes will evolve over time. Starting with gentle stretches, you will go through dynamic loosening and vitalising asanas, deep breathing and basic pranayama, and a short meditation to focus your mind.

Having begun your day in this way will make you better prepared to face its challenges, with more joy, balance, and harmony in your body and mind.

You will focus on

  • gradual stretching and activating the body
  • learning deep yogic breathing and other essential practices of pranayama
  • developing a positive attitude and practising mindfulness

How to come prepared

  • wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • have a mat that is not too thin, especially if your floor is hard
  • have plenty of padding ready so you can sit cross-legged without any discomfort (we'll work on that, too!)
  • try not to eat before the session; if you must, let it be something minor and easy to digest