Energetic expansion + mindful life coaching - 5 week series

Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation
All Levels
Wed Jun 16
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

Join my 5 week series featuring 5 steps for creating energetic balance and by manifesting more abundance in your life!

Session 4: June 16, 2021 - Re-write your story + Mindset (book this class in series)

You’ve ever hit a roadblock in life and have no idea why this is coming up? You might have hit a plateau in your life causing you to feel this way. You might have achieved major milestones like landing a great promotion, got married, bought a home or even had a child, but for some reason you feel like something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it?

I know these feelings because I experienced the exact same thing. What was missing was “me”. Becoming present in your life and clear on where you are thriving and where you are lacking is key to moving forward to remove these blocks to live the fullest. 

If this sounds relatable and you are ready to take steps to lead a more abundant and fulfilled life… join my 5 week energy healing and mindful life coaching series. We will dive deep and decode how to up-level your life based on attending all 5 classes in this series. 


Why should you register for all 5 classes in the series?

* Each class in the series combined will result in a big transformations. 

* Each class is designed to support your expansion in the series.

* Working on our own growth takes steady consistency and commitment to the process.

* Each week you will experience a shift.

* Collaboration within the group. We are not alone and each person's progress impacts us all.


Overview of the 5 week series. Book all classes to save your spot! 

Session 1: May 26, 2021 - Become more mindful by getting still and present with yourself daily, you will not only shift your energy but get really connect with yourself. This class will focus on becoming mindful with deep diving inward through a guided meditation balancing your chakras.

Session 2: June 2, 2021 - Energetic healing through reiki and tapping into your intuition. Moving energy blocked in the body will being wellbeing and proper alignment to feel focused, while connecting to your intuition.

Session 3: June 9, 2021 - 360 life evaluation. Where are you thriving and feeling fulfilled, along with where are you lacking happiness. We will reframe using one to raise your vibration and alignment.

Session 4: June 16, 2021 (book this class in series)

- Re-write your story + mindset by establishing a more fulfilling game plan by manifesting the momentum and clarity to which direction you want to go.

Session 5: June 23, 2021 - Begin to trust your gut and intuition. When we are in alignment, we are no longer feeling lost, stuck or unmotivated but empowered to lead a more focused, peaceful and motivated life. 

You will focus on

  • Intention Setting
  • Weekly theme focus
  • Meditation & energy healing
  • Community

How to come prepared

  • Pen and paper journal
  • Open for each class in the series
  • Open to receiving reiki
  • Yoga mat, blanket and or pillow for meditation