Trauma-Informed Yoga - Coming Back Home to Yourself

Trauma Informed Yoga
All Levels
Sun Jul 11
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

In this gentle trauma-informed yoga class we'll be exploring both seated and standing asanas moving mindfully in and out of the shapes with deep respect to our bodies.

Trauma-informed yoga is all about creating a nourishing and safe environment where you can be present with yourself the way you are. It is about meeting your humanness with kindness, encouragement, and non-judgment. The goal of these classes is to help you feel at home in your own body, build greater resilience and self-regulation!

You will focus on

  • Breath
  • Body awareness
  • Movement and stillness
  • Self-regulation

How to come prepared

  • make your space comfortable
  • wear comfortable clothes
  • prepare some props: cushions/ pillows and a blanket (you can also use yoga blocks and a bolster if you have)