Yin Yoga--Special Mental Health Awareness class exploring trauma with a journey through the Chakras

Yin Yoga
All Levels
Thu May 20
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

The chakras are energy centers in our bodies that can hold energy and block its movement when a trauma is experienced in a part of the body or during a crucial time in one's life. 

This class will use YIN poses that address and progress along the Chakra energy lines to explore in your body where energy may be stagnant and work to release that energy as we continue through poses from the root to the crown chakra. As we connect the body and mind during our practice, we will discuss along the journey how the holding of energy in one chakra can manifest itself in your mental and physical health.

You will focus on

  • Yin poses that correlate to the chakras
  • Exploring how understanding the chakras can assist in addressing mental health that may manifest physically and vice-versa

How to come prepared

  • Have the following props available to you from your mat: Bolster, rolled up blanket, two blocks.
  • The following props are optional: a 3-5 lb hand weight, 10 lb sandbag -or- 5 lb bag of rice.
  • Dress cozy and comfortably. Yin Yoga is a "cold" practice so I suggest if you are cold natured, to have layers to apply as your body cools, especially for Savasana.