Chakra Meditation
All Levels
Wed Apr 28
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

Join Lex Smith and Britt Gustafson for this immersive and transfomational Manifesting your future + Reiki infused healing meditation Seminar.

April 28th 4pm MST/ 6pm EST 

It time to change your perspective and dissolve limiting beliefs about yourself in order to enhance confidence, self acceptance and self love. In this session we will create a sacred space and focus on opening channels and frequencies as we dive into an exploration of what it means to love + heal yourself.  We will being with the focus and work of alignment with what we want to manifest.

Once we are in this vibrational alignment we will experience a powerful Reiki Infused Mediation to bring it all together. This meditation is specifically geared to tap into our 7 Chakras and bring back alignment with what we wish to manifest, while feeling the energetic healing effects of reiki. 

Manifesting is a power tool! All you have to do is believe you are worthy of your biggest and wildest dreams and they will come to you!  In this class we will hold space for ourselves and each other as a community.

What this session will include:

~Gentle Yoga Flow (focusing on Heart Openers)

~Meditation (focusing on the Heart Chakra)

~Tapping and Aura Brushing



~Burn Ceremony w/ candle (please bring your own)

~Reiki Infused healing Meditation 

~Group shares (speaking your intentions out loud can help to bring them into existence)

You will focus on

  • Intention Setting
  • Manifesting and the Law of Attraction
  • Meditation & energy healing
  • Community

How to come prepared

  • Please bring paper and something to write with
  • A candle and lighter
  • An open mind
  • Yoga mat, blanket and or pillow for meditation