Mindful Yoga Flow

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Tue May 11
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

This one hour mindful mixed level yoga class will invite you to grow, strengthen, focus, train and tone the mind, body, heart and soul. Discover for yourself the calming, healing and transformative power of yoga - intentional meditative movement with breath. Classes begin with mediation made simple using breathwork, gradual warm up, increasing challenge and yoga play, gentle cool down, and end in deep relaxation. They are slow flowing, with space to explore specific poses but meant to challenge. Classes are different each week, with classical fundamental alignment based asana fused with modern postures and their many modifications and varied creative transitions. *All-Level classes mean that any level of practitioner can take the class, and use offered variations and modifications to either dial up or down the scale the intensity of each posture according to your own unique ability and intention throughout the practice. Use of props are strongly encouraged to get the most benefit, but not essential. The class is an invittation for you to challenge yourself and grow to transform, by going just beyond your comfort zone and relax into normal intensity of stetching, balancing and strenthening, develop tools for life on and off the mat, techniques for stress management and self mastery, find deep connection with all parts of yourself and all that is...in community. 

Learn more about my yoga at https://homesweethomebirth.com/yoga-with-anne and upcoming live retreats at https://homesweethomebirth.com/events-1


You will focus on

  • Breathwork, Meditation Made Simple, Visualization
  • Present Moment Awareness, Mindfulness, Energy, Releasing, Relaxing, Surrendering and Letting Go
  • Increasing Strength, Balance & Flexibility, Power & Stamina
  • Safe Alignment and Practice

How to come prepared

  • Yoga Mat
  • 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap or Belt, 2 Yoga Blankets, Yoga Bolster, Wall Space
  • Open-Heart & Mind, Curiosity, and Readiness for the Joy of Practice, with a Little Fun & Sense of Humor
  • Some Prior Practice is Helpful – But Everyone is Welcome (but don't forget your water!)