Manifesting Your Authenticity

Vinyasa Yoga
All Levels
Wed Mar 17
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
75 min

About this class

It time to change your perspective and dissolve limiting beliefs about yourself in order to enhance confidence, self acceptance and self love. In this workshop we will create a sacred space and focus on activating our creativity as we dive into an exploration of what makes each of us unique.

In this workshop we will hold space for ourselves and each other as a community.

What this workshop will include:

~Gentle Yoga Flow

~Meditation (Focusing on the Sacral Chakra)

~Awakening the Kundalini

~Tapping and Aura Brushing



~Burn Ceremony w/ candle (please bring your own)

~Group shares (speaking your intentions out loud can help to bring them into existence)

You will focus on

  • Intention Setting
  • Manifesting and the Law of Attraction
  • Community
  • Yoga and Meditation

How to come prepared

  • Please bring paper and something to write with
  • Bring a candle
  • Bring an open mind and willingness to explore!