Vinyasa Flow Viernes Bilingual Mixed Levels

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Fri Mar 05
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

This is a bilingual yoga flow for mixed levels of practitioners. The class is centered around the 5th Chakra known as Vishuddha the Throat chakra. 

In this class we will use sound such as mantra (with no attachment to meaning), to understand the power of Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) and and explore the power of voice and developing our confidence to actually hear ourselves. 

We circle back through the week’s worth of classes from the members only series that are practiced daily, to bubble them all up for this vibrant and creative flow. We embody various movements and the playlist below is updated weekly to pair back to the respective Friday flow. 


 Este es un flujo de yoga bilingüe para niveles mixtos de practicantes. La clase se centra en el quinto chakra conocido como Vishuddha, el chakra de la garganta.

En esta clase usaremos sonidos como mantras (sin apego al significado), para comprender el poder del Nada Yoga (yoga del sonido) y explorar el poder de la voz y desarrollar nuestra confianza para escucharnos realmente a nosotros mismos.

Repasamos el valor de las clases de la semana de las series exclusivas para miembros que se practican a diario, para hacerlas burbujear todas para este flujo vibrante y creativo. Incorporamos varios movimientos y la lista de reproducción a continuación se actualiza semanalmente para emparejarse con el flujo del viernes respectivo.


You will focus on

  • Chakra Focus on Vishuddha
  • Stretching and Releasing
  • Hip Opening
  • Meditation

How to come prepared

  • Blocks, Straps, Pillows, Bolster, Chair (Any Props)
  • Journal for any insights that come up
  • Some knowledge of Yoga and the Chakras a plus
  • Open Mind and ready to enjoy yourself