Kundalini Yoga
All Levels
Mon 06 Jul
8:00 AM
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

Join me as I guide you through a gentle Yogic set designed to get you, and your body out of stress. This is for anybody, at any level.   We will follow this set with a beautiful Meditation, called Celetial Communication which is Mudra in Motion, and great for destressing, and relaxaton.  We will do this to the wonderful healing, and empowering Mantra Eka Mai. Kundalini Meditation & Yoga is a delicious combination of breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, chanting and relaxation. I have found, personally, the most potent tool is this practice of Kundalini Yoga. It works fast. This meditative style of yoga brings your physical body into a neutral & agreeable state to support you in integrating your levels of awareness and reprogramming your subconscious mind. We work through the subconsious thought patterns, which in turn help eliviate stress, Trauma and negative patterns.  // To see a demonstration of the CC I did during a previous ZOOM class,  Cut and Paste this link:  https://vimeo.com/432296116    And then come experience it with me!   This version was "choreographed by Shabadpreet)

You will focus on

  • Breath, Nostril Breathing, Mouth Breathing, moving our energy, strengthening our bodies
  • Mantra, Breathwork and Mudra
  • Destress, Anxiety, Fear, healing, Trauma
  • Breaking Negative Patterns

How to come prepared

  • Mat or Sheepskin, Water for hydration
  • A space where you are free to chant, move and feel at peace.
  • Blanket if you want for relaxation.