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3HO Kundalini Yoga Wakeup Morning Class

8:00 AM

(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time


May 16

60 min

Kundalini Yoga

About this workshop

Join is for an hour of inner awareness and energy movement that will enhance your day and your experience of being alove! Kundalini Yoga helps you process the pains and pleasures of life, which Yogi Bhajan said were opposite ends of the same spectrum. Come be informed thought experience and Amrita's teaching about your own inner landscape and how to navigate it.

You will focus on:

  • Breath
  • Inner awareness
  • Body movement as energy movement
  • sound and the healing impact of vibration

How to come prepared:

  • open mind
  • comfortable space to sit stand and lie down
  • uninterrupted hour for the classt
  • pets allowed! yes we have them too:)