Ying yoga vs. the coronavirus

Ying yoga vs. the coronavirus

Yin Yoga vs. The Coronavirus

Yin Yoga has taught me about the yin and yang energies; or to put it simply, the light and the dark. Picturing the commonly known yin and yang symbol, one may notice how the light-side has a dark dot within and the dark-side has a light dot within. Here lies the basic, foundational teachings of Yin Yoga... that within the light and dark, the other can always be found.

How does this relate to the Coronavirus? In more ways than you'd think...

The Coronavirus is a representation of darkness or yin energy. We tend to see darkness as scary because it is unknown and unfamiliar territory. We learn through practicing and experiencing yin yoga, that darkness is not here to harm or cause fear, but rather to teach us about ourselves. I believe that it is within our truest nature that we find the happiness and peace we've always looked for. When we trust, listen, slow down, ease tension, and look into the darkness... that is when the light is revealed; and from experience, this light is far brighter than any other because it is truth.

Yin is the feminine, dark-side. It's the side that we generally avoid in modern society. It's qualities are calm, still and slow moving, cold, quiet, deep, introspective, intuitive and psychic, lunar, heavy, fluid, receptive and passive. We don't journey to the dark-side as a collective because it's uncharted waters and causes us to feel vulnerable. We can journey to the dark-side together in a safe space, as we do in a yin class; but ultimately you will be journeying alone because yin yoga is the practice of traveling inward.

We avoid traveling inward because we can't wear a mask there. We can't hide behind clothing, job titles, tasks and responsibilities, relationships, money, and anything else that we find when we move outside ourselves and into the world. It's very yang-like to take action and live in the world, which is necessary and a joyful experience when balanced with yin-like qualities.

In terms of the Coronavirus, we are faced with a pandemic that is frightening and causing uncertainty within health, the economy, and social norms. It can be assumed to be full of darkness, which may trigger us to look away or rebel against it; but if you look into the darkness long enough, you may see the light, lessons, and potential for growth.

After I accepted social distancing and slowing down of projects, I realized that this is the energy of yin yoga, of the feminine, asking us to find stillness and reflect. It is our nature to want to continue to move outside ourselves because for so long that's how we've been operating, but I believe that it would be in everyone's best interest to embrace the pause as a gift to see what light, insights, and inspirations are waiting to be discovered.

While tuning in, I received these subtle insights, which I'd love to share with you. I invite you to take 3 long inhales and exhales. Pause for a moment... and then continue. Feel free to grab a journal, too.

When the universe delivers you a break, receive it with gratitude and open arms. 

I know that stillness can be scary and many of us are having concerns related to work and income. Trust me when I tell you that everything will be okay. We can only truly receive after we've taken a pause. That is why we lay in Savasana at the end of a yoga class... to allow space and recalibration for the body, mind, and soul. If we don't take these pauses, we get stuck on the wheel of creating more of the same... why are you avoiding stillness?

Have we been creating more of the same?

 I've been wanting to open a yoga studio and ethical living boutique for months now and have struggled to make it a reality. It took only 20 minutes of yin yoga and meditation for me to realize I was trying to recreate more of the same. I like moving into new places because it involves buying new things and designing the space. I also feel most at home in a yoga studio as it's been a place of escape for several years... is there something you've been trying to force into reality? is there a chance that this spark of inspiration is actually a disguised impulse to create more of the same?

Are we holding onto things or relationships in a conscious way? 

My parents recently retired a plane-ride-away and I went to send my dad a text that read, "I miss our talks and I love you so much". My dad and I have reached a place in our relationship that is strong and took years to build. We are closer than ever, and it's the kind of relationship I prayed for for so many years ago. I took a screenshot of my message to him for safe keeping as it was a milestone for me... what do you hold on to? are there things you could let go of that don't carry weight or meaning anymore?

I hope you've enjoyed these three topics to meditate on, and looking at them now, I feel like I could expand upon each in their own blog post, but this will have to be for now.

If journeying inward and finding stillness feels impossible or overwhelming, please contact me. Vivaya Live offers a great, user-friendly platform for us to discuss your personal journey and challenges in a 1-on-1 private session. I'm always here to answer any questions you may have regarding the practice and how it can assist you. 

Wishing you well during these uncertain times. Namaste.