Your ultimate yoga workout music playlist for 2021

Your ultimate yoga workout music playlist for 2021

Your Ultimate Yoga Workout Music Playlist for 2021

Music can play a valuable role in our healing and holistic journeys. It stimulates emotional and aesthetic responses; develops creativity and ideas; provides a form of expression and communication; and gives us confidence. Music forms positive changes in our world and wellbeing.

Music connects and inspires us all, sometimes even transporting us into whole new depths in our practice. It's the instrumental yoga flow that soothes our mind or the relaxing echoing chants that calm our thoughts and aids our meditation. Perhaps it's the repetitive beats of reggae that grounds your reiki healing -- whatever stimulates and encourages you, music can play an impactful part in taking your yoga flow to the next level.

How does music help in yoga & meditation?

Linking your breath to a beat and experiencing the feeling of breath and body aligning in perfect timing takes your practice to a place like no other. 

Listening to music and practicing yoga are inherently similar and fit together seamlessly: They make us feel good and enhance our wellbeing. They both speak to us, move us, motivate us. 

Sometimes we need something to help pick us up from our flow funk, and inspire us to move that little bit more, or stretch that extra inch. Music moves and empowers us to find the energy to make those changes.

Whatever music helps you to switch off and embrace your practice, we have put our heads together and prepared the ultimate and best meditation and yoga music playlist, for your holistic pleasure.

What is the best yoga playlist?

As we enter into Springtime, the days are stretching longer, and the sun is lighting our day brighter. This would be an ideal time to spring-clean your playlist and find some new, relaxing yoga music to brighten up your flow. We asked the VIVAYA Guides what their favorite songs were for 2021. Whether your playlists live on Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube or more, these songs are all accessible online and ready to add to your Zen library.

Check out our yoga and meditation wellbeing playlist below - 31 songs for 31 days. 

Try them all as one perfect playlist for your next Vinyasa yoga flow, or simply dedicate one song a day to accompany your short kundalini meditation sessions -- however music fits into your life and supports your healing, our playlist, built with love and care, will see you through.

2021 VIVAYA's Ultimate Yoga and Meditation Music Playlist

This smooth lullaby and soulful vocals provide a soothing mantra that will carry your mind to meditation serenity.

Light acoustics providing the backdrop to Ram Dass's calming words is an effortless escape and should be a staple in your meditation music playlist.

Bernadette's beautiful, rich vocals and harmonies are guaranteed to help the healing begin.

This poetic song become a gold standard in the yoga music world and a beautiful sacred chant

 that leaves you in another world.

A powerful guiding song that can inspire, teach and heal us as we face the greatest emotional challenges of life. Lauren's lyrics are steeped with symbolism and teachings of healing to guide your theta healing to spiritual oneness.

This upbeat 2-minute instrumental of soft keys will cascade your mind into an upbeat rhythm, ready for an energetic Jivamukti Yoga or Anusara Yoga flow.

With a simple melody of strings and Soft beats, it's easy to get lost in this sound. A perfect song to facilitate body movement practices of all forms, be it Yoga, Yin, Theta, Vinyasa, Iyengar and more.

Decelerate your soul with this chilled trap/dubstep mix featuring a yearning vocal hook that will energize your practice and rejuvenate your day.

If you're not ready to ignite your core and liberate your body's power by the end of this sumptuously slow-burning chant sequence, it's always worth a repeat listen. Your flow will THANK YOU.

Featuring gravelly, restful vocals and comforting acoustic riffs to see your way through a calm meditation session to refresh your mind 

Transcend yourself into calm with revitalizing organic rhythms, warm soothing female vocals and heartened lyricism. Yaima will take you on a journey to meditation enlightenment.

Let your soul wonder with the allure and optimistic message that echoes through these vocal tones. Divinity and energy are expected.

Uplifting, folksy track with a repetitive tone that will whisk you to a positive dynamic yoga flow.

The elegance of a solidarity piano pattern accompanied by the most optimistic of lyrics. This is a perfect song to kickstart your Vinyasa or ease into your mindful meditation.

Adorn your yoga sanctuary and with this mystical and synthesized sound that incorporates elements of eastern music and experimental electronica.

A soulful melody to touch your soul with every beat. Press play and find peace in your practice.

The air of the live crowd is palpable in this rendition of an orchestral dream. The fluidity of the oboe provides a mournful yet soulful background.

Make your body move and your spirits lift with these sultry vocals and solid beats.

Wilderness and adventure pour out of this harmonica-laden track. An air of energy will quickly arrive for your kundalini yoga with no question.

Infusing a feel of both inspiration and contentment, Trevor Hall's voice will calm your mind and activate your chakra in the most beautiful way.

Perfected for your Vinyasa flow, this electronic, chill-trap song will help make your practice a beautiful and unforgettable experience, Evoking feelings of sheer bliss.

This immersive, blissful eastern tones & piano mix will speak to your soul, cementing your deeper connection to all things and creating awareness in the moment, for mindfulness and Zen.

There is a sense of longing in this mantra. "Akaal" is a chant traditionally chanted to help a soul crossover, as well as to ease the pain of grief and loss. Hopeful lyrics lighten the spirit as you lose yourself to the chant.

Find that place of meditative calm and peace with this repetitive chorus of powerful women's voices. Expand. Be Still and Breathe. Release.

Strings permeate through from this eastern-infused song. Sanskrit and melodies ease restless thoughts and soften the soul.

An ever-changing tempo keeps your mind in-tune with the piano & violin's mournful melody, ending with an air of optimism in its final note. A brief interlude to use as part of your meditation, to help bring your focus back to center.

Shiva is believed to be at the core of the centrifugal force of the universe, and the strength is felt in this soft yet powerful acoustic chant from Brazilian Preacher, Gurusevananda Prabhu.

An etheric journey into the heart of Oneness, this blend of hip-hop and mystical vocals adds a modern ambience to aid your vision and remaining in the moment with your yoga practice.

Intimate folk and dreamy indie beats with loving vocals. A happy, summery feel to ensure you will sink into the most warming and fulfilling of flows.

A chilled, slowed-down mix of this known favorite. The easing beats will get your body flowing, moving and bending to its will. A perfect tune for your yoga music playlist.

Whether it's the open seconds of your prsactic, or you're now ready to take Shavasana, let these soothing tones help take your mind away and rest. The energy will flow through your body and send you to pure contentment and harmony.

Are relaxing yoga music playlists key?

Dopamine is the feel-good chemical in your brain. Studies have found that dopamine elevates up to 9% higher when we listen to music that we enjoy, regardless of the song choice. We all respond to music in different ways, so it really comes down to what you prefer to choose to accompany your practice. 

If it makes you happy, it makes you feel good. And when we feel good, our practice feels amazing.

Some types of music will suit a specific purpose for your session; listening to a dedicated meditation playlist can help you focus your mind and embrace the stillness you need. A consistent beat can guide your breath through a dynamic yoga flow, and peaceful, soothing tones can aid your emotional restoration through Reiki healing practice.

What are your thoughts on music in yoga class?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on combining music with your practice and whether you have a preferred playlist that you would love to share. Let us know your favorite songs and tag us in them on Instagram.

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Now go build your new inspiration playlist and let's go get 2021.

Enjoy and see you in class!