Our gift of gratitude to first responders, healthcare and emergency workers

Our gift of gratitude to first responders, healthcare and emergency workers

In addition to our standard two-week free trial, VIVAYA is offering 2 MONTHS FREE access to unlimited Yoga and Wellness classes for first responders healthcare and emergency workers -- our way of saying "Thank You". 

To qualify, you just need to provide proof of ID

Validating your profession as a first responder, healthcare or emergency worker during the 14-day free trial period by email to first responders at vivayalive.com.

Once validation is provided, your account will extend into two months of additional free access. 


frontline-workers-005.jpg Immerse yourself in the most innovative live-streaming platform for yoga health, reiki healing mindful meditation and more. Our offerings are holistic and include a diverse range of activities from movement to nutrition. 

VIVAYA has cultivated a supportive and connected community between students and teachers across the globe. You can connect daily for online live streaming classes and workshops, all within one platform. 


Our Gift to You

We would like to invite first responder's healthcare and emergency workers to experience VIVAYA free for two months. This is our special 'thank you' for your continued wonderful support.


This complimentary two-month membership includes a diverse schedule of classes for you to choose from, every week. You will have the opportunity to connect deeply with your teacher, healers and other students. 

Each week, you will receive emails informing you of our featured events and the latest schedule. You can explore and customize a weekly self-care schedule for yourself, catering for whatever you need. From classes, workshops and 1:1 coaching, cover all aspects of fitness and wellness, such as reiki, meditation, and other healing arts. You will also benefit from accessing or platform and practise from anywhere.


Embrace some well-deserved self-care 

Supporting your community can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. According to an article on Halo[1] , survey respondents reported some important mental health stats related to the pandemic: 

●        80% intend to be more mindful about regular self-care practices after the pandemic

●        64% are focused on their mental health now more than ever

●        44% desire more guidance and support for practicing self-care during the pandemic 

The tranquil transformation you'll experience after even just a few weeks could be just what you need: 

●        A deeper connection within

●        Reduction of overall stress and anxiety

●        While the focus on what your body and mind need for recovery

●        An overall sense of peace, motivated by amazing teachers and other students

●        Vibrational alignment with your vision mindset and heart set for long term sustainability


VIVAYA is for you if... 

●        You are wanting to make your health and self-care a priority

●        You are tired of feeling the same low energy and ready to make small lifestyle shifts, leading to bigger health transformations

●        You might have felt intimidated joining classes in studios, not knowing what to expect or worried about your experience level...Here's the good news -- You are in your own space and can go at your own pace. VIVAYA exists to meet you exactly where you were at.

●        You're craving more connection with a community of like-minded individuals who can support and relate as you create healthy boundaries in your life 


What's included? 

●        Two months of free access to live & recorded classes

●        Dedicated, Intuitive platform with fast access for classes and timetables

●        Curate your personal journey within the platform, experiencing incredible practices with trusted master teachers

●        A community of like-minded yogi's and students to build relationships


Hear what others are saying...

"I know I've only just signed on as a member, but I'm already so stoked for the variety slashed experiences of classes you offer and the variety of guides. Been telling all my friends about it too...

We all need this right now more than ever. Thank you for creating it." 
Christina V

Our CEO would also like to personally thank you... 

As Founder and CEO of VIVAYA, I'm excited to share our innovative community of health and wellness with you. This unique platform contains live-streamed and recorded yoga, meditation and wellness classes, workshops and coaching sessions, specifically designed for your needs

With so much love and gratitude, we thank you for selflessly putting your life on the line every day for our communities. We appreciate that this extensive level of endurance and dedication can often put your self-care to the side-lines. You deserve to have that time and we want to be that support for you in cultivating a sanctuary of self-care for yoga, healing arts, health and meditation. 

Our mastered teachers and practitioners are available to provide you daily support, step-by-step through your own personal wellness journey. 

With gratitude and appreciation, 



Hear what others are saying... 

"Via creates a special space for yoga, meditation and healing arts, although through what which we can learn, grow and support each other as we practice with our guys and feel held and ununited."

Tess C

VIVAYA is pleased to provide two months of free access to our platform for all first responders healthcare and emergency workers.