A moment of calm with your coffee

A moment of calm with your coffee

A Moment of Calm With Your Coffee

Mornings can feel hectic and rushed. In this crunch for time, many of us chug our morning coffee (or caffeinated beverage of choice), wanting that jolt of energy as quickly as possible. But mindfully drinking your coffee can slow your morning and your mind down, even for just a brief moment of calm. Gloria Chadwick, the author of "Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation," explains that our daily coffee ritual can be a moment of serenity before the rush. She says that "by focusing on your coffee --- making it a special time to meditate, it can actually make you calm and relaxed." Drinking your coffee mindfully is a powerful practice, and like any mindful eating or drinking exercise, can help you more fully enjoy your morning brew, leaving you more satisfied. Who knows, you may not even feel the need for a second cup...

Enjoy this mindful coffee drinking exercise and experience calm...at least before the caffeine rush. 


Mindful Coffee Drinking Meditation

Take a deep breath.

Pick up your coffee. How does the cup feel in your hands? Notice the temperature.

Look at your coffee. Notice the color, the texture, the shine. Does it look different in the light?

Hold the coffee up to your face. How does it smell? Do you like the smell? Can you feel steam? If so, how does it feel? 

Take a sip. Hold the coffee in your mouth. How does it feel? Notice the temperature. Can you describe the taste?

Is there a sound as you pick up and sip the coffee?

How does it feel as you drink the coffee? Are you experiencing any sensations in your body after your first sip? If so, where and what?

Notice your mouth after drinking. Is there an aftertaste, any lingering sensations?

Take a deep breath. Enjoy your coffee, trying to notice the details of each sip.

Dana Fares