Is online reiki healing for me?

Is online reiki healing for me?

Everything you need to know about Reiki: Open your Soul to Reiki Healing

Healing may be a process of overcoming, of working through, of acknowledging, of accepting, of releasing. It may address the physical, emotional, or spiritual. While the need for healing differs for everyone, one approach to help any healing journey along is that involving energy work.

While Reiki speaks to a specific healing art form of healing energy, supporting, and facilitating healing by harnessing and working with the energy that naturally exists within and around us. 

Founded in Japan in 1914, Reiki is guided energy that connects its way to the energy system in your body. Reiki assists in opening and clearing the energy system in your body to promote healing. It's a large part of our practice and a popular class within our online community. 

Whether you have something acute or chronic that you are seeking help with, or you simply want to feel better - Reiki and other forms of energy healing have much to offer. Like other gentle approaches to healing, Reiki and energy healing can be powerful as-is or as a beneficial complement to other practices or healing modalities. 

We've answered some more common questions below, to help you on your wellness journey to Reiki healing. online-reiki-009.jpg

What is a Reiki Session Like?

Healing is such a personal thing to us all. We all have different experiences throughout our lives that can impact and affect our energy system. Reiki sessions, therefore, vary depending upon the individual and the healing that is needed in that moment. Reiki sessions are calm, relaxing, and often comforting. If you are attending a virtual Reiki session, we recommend having a blanket nearby, and some soft, sensory music playing in the background, so you can switch off from reality and immerse yourself in the session. No talking is needed, just follow the guidance of your Teacher. It's encouraged to let yourself go and calm your thoughts, so you feel relaxed throughout. You may feel different sensations such as heat, tingles, heaviness or lightness. You may visualize images, shapes, or colors. A Reiki session can vary because the experience is personalized for you, and you may receive a different experience to someone else, but no less meaningful. It is a loving energy source, and it works to help heal you, however you need. online-reiki-004.jpg

The Reiki Experience

To understand better how Reiki healing could help you, it's often simply a case of experiencing your first session. Just as we have circulatory and muscle systems, we also contain an "energy system". The more you receive Reiki, the more your energy system retains and practices to help keep pathways clear and loosen its grip on tough emotions, the emotions and thoughts that aren't healthy for your body or mind. There are many layers to the energy system. Our experienced Reiki practitioners will guide you through each session and work with you to uncover the best and most suitable type of healing journey for you.

How many Reiki sessions are needed?

Like most practices, Reiki is best when incorporated into your regular wellness routine. There is no perfect number of sessions that you should be aiming for, each week. Ideally, we would all spend some time each day, receiving Reiki and balancing our energy, but life is often not so simple. Start with your first session, and perhaps try to experience Reiki 2-3 times a week initially, to become comfortable and understand the experience. Depending on your personal experience, you will then get an idea of how often you feel you need to focus on healing and balancing your energy. Our Practitioners are always on hand to help you determine the ideal frequency for you. online-reiki-005.jpg

Can Reiki help with mental & emotional stress?

Reiki can have a significant impact on shifting our negative thoughts and help us feel better and in control. Our energy strives to revert us back to the place when we felt good and at our healthiest. Reiki has been proven to help with depression, anxiety, sleep, grief, eating disorders and more. Alongside professional treatment and therapy, Reiki can provide a strong support towards your healing. 

Even if you do not feel like you have significant emotional stress or traumareceiving Reiki on a regular basis is a great support for general wellbeing and overall preventative health. It has been shown to help maintain low blood pressure, for better sleep, as relaxation as well as supporting our daily lifestyle with diet and exercise.

Is it better to practice Reiki

It's easy to worry that our wellness experiences are limited when we are not with the guide or practitioner in-person. There are many distractions at home, and it can be hard to switch off. Creating a dedicated space is crucial to establishing a successful home practice, and it doesn't need to be a big endeavor. You can prepare your personal haven at home. Check out our tips for setting up your home sanctuary and personalizing your peace of mind. 

The wonderful thing about spiritual healing is that it is everywhere. We can experience healing energy and practice our wellness routines from anywhere in the world. With Reiki, think of it as universal energy that works intelligently; flowing where it is most needed. Our Practitioners are highly skilled at drawing this energy from you, and channeling what is needed for your session. Distance does not play a part in the efficiency of Reiki healing. online-reiki-006.jpg

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki demonstrates how energy can be sent to anyone, from anywhere to anywhere. As part of our online sessions, we seek permission from you to invoke this energy sharing, and when invoked, it sends healing Reiki energy across time and space. You may experience the tingling or heat that we mentioned earlier or feel pressure on a certain part of your body, as your Guide is actively working on the area, virtually. Regardless of time or space, we are all able to send energy with our thoughts, using intention and visualization. Our Practitioners can access and channel that life force energy to benefit and aid your healing or wellness.

What are the benefits of distance Reiki healing?

Healing energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. This energy is accessible to everyone and can impact those that need it most, or simply those that need to get through the day. Having access to such a powerful tool is an incredible benefit to your wellbeing. 

We've experienced all kinds of sadness or isolation, where we are unable to reach those we love. Especially now, in the midst of a global pandemic, distance Reiki healing gives you the power to send love and healing help via reiki distance communication. 

In our busy, sometimes frustrating and overwhelming day-to-day lives, distance Reiki healing aids you to better relax and receive the positive energy you need, in the privacy of your own home. online-reiki-007.jpg

The Steps of distance Reiki Treatment 

During Reiki sessions, healing energy is sent from the hands of our practitioner to the body of the session attendee. 

We've mentioned that when receiving reiki energy, you might feel a warmth, which is being sent from the practitioner's hands, or a tingling sensation in their body as the reiki is moving through them. Sometimes, Reiki energy is subtle, and you may feel no physical sensations -- but this is also fine. You are learning how to control and affect your ability to cope with your environment by channelling your thoughts and feelings. 

During your Reiki session, it helps to generate a positive emotional state. These positive feelings help create healing energy. Use your imagination to envision receiving this healing energy from your Teacher. 

You might see this healing energy as white light, or a picture of healing light in your mind, as a feeling of peace and ease washes over you. It is a strong and pure sensation and at times can feel like a strong current. This is your connection with universal healing energy. 

Your Practitioner will help remove any energy blockages you may have and help you attune with the frequency of your Reiki practice. online-reiki-008.jpg

Reiki distance healing methods 

There are many techniques that can be used to send and heal as part of distance Reiki energy.

The key is to find the most comfortable and effective method. Some Teachers may use options such as: 

  • Reiki symbols: A powerful method of Reiki distance healing is to use Reiki symbols. You would picture the individual and draw the relevant symbol with your hand in the air, while visualizing the symbol in your mind. There are different symbols within Reiki, so your energy transmission can become specifically focused when you use certain Reiki symbols.
  • Names: Writing the name of the person you want to send Reiki to, can also be an effective method. Fold the paper and hold it in your hands. Visualize sending healing energy from your hands into the paper, to the name written down.
  • Photos: Looking at someone's image can help direct your energy. Seeing their image can sometimes be more powerful than visualizing them in your mind because you can visibly see and connect with their energy. This strengthens your visualization of sending Reiki energy to them and envisages them bathed in healing light. online-reiki-002.jpg

Reiki distance healing is incredibly safe, beneficial, and powerful. Healing energy is so transformative in our lives and something to be carefully cherished and nurtured.

Set your intentions, charge your positive emotions, and visualize the calming lights of healing energy. 

With Reiki, you regain focus, restore good karma, reduce stress, gather inspiration, soothe intrusive thoughts, and see a calmer, controlled world. Something that we could all do with experiencing on a regular basis. online-reiki-001.jpg

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