Noemi Klein

""Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah” equals “Yoga is stilling the fluctuations of the mind”. For me it means: 1. Declutter the mind; 2. Keep it low when you still see sparks of either joy or negativity; 3. Enjoy the serenity and quietness;"

I've been teaching yoga for almost 2 years now with the main goal to aid people's healing in physical and spiritual ways. I have been a health enthusiast, voracious reader and environmentalist for over a decade and I love sharing things that can help people, all while maintaining the balance and beauty of Mother Earth. My mission is to create a counterbalance for sedentary lifestyle and help others to care for their own well-being through yoga, meditation and other science-based practices. To my students I provide a way of self-transformation through therapeutic yogic practices where everyone can find a solution to their physical and psychological challenges.

My Philosophy

Looking at yoga as a tool to rediscover and educate the body through various movements and to aid students to find what yoga means for them and teach them how to form their own practices. Sound scientific knowledge offers the greatest benefits to take yoga to the next level as something people consider for healing purposes. Serving yoga as a main dish with the side of spirituality is also crucial, spirituality and self-study opens the body to learning new things and overcoming limitations.

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