Arielle De Pinto

New York

"Our most powerful tools are the simplest and the most accessible."

Many years ago a developed a new interpretation of a foundational textile techniques, I reinvented a type of jewelry. I have refined it, tested it, stayed with it, reworked it always with the intention of honoring the most unique aspects of it. I do this with everything. As conventions of business tested me mentally and physically, I sought to continue learning, as I could not accept stress as my basic reality. I learned how to shift, to clear the emotional body with breathwork, to release belief systems with theta healing, my nervous and endocrine systems with Kundalini Yoga, and learned the subtle magic of reiki and energy work.


David Elliott Levels 1-4



My Philosophy

I offer this work in honor of our vastness and our many facets. I believe we are collectively moving into a realm of greater sensitivity. As the awareness of many expands, we require tools to keep us in highest frequency. Our physical bodies innately contain exponential treasure which we have direct access to. Our simplest tools are our most powerful to understand our intrinsic power.

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