Alexander Mei

"I know everything yet I know nothing. I am an individual but without community I am empty."

The role of an activator is to activate the full potency of the being inside and out with various techniques he has studied for years. These techniques and activations heal and renew the mind body and spirit at the core cellular and molecular level that exists throughout the body releasing blockages and any stagnant energy flow. The activations enhance the true essence of the soul spirit, ego all in one in this human dimension working with the form we have designed ourselves. By accessing outer realms he accesses multiple layers of consciousness where he can dive into past present and future contexts to relate back to the personalization of what the soul is asking to expand or reach or breakthrough a contraction or opportunity they are faced with that is stunting any physical or spiritual growth. There are a variety of techniques that he has listed on the website and continues to add to his palette of offerings that he will find suitable based on what the client needs at a specific time and space. The more open prepared and receptive the client is to the work the more benefits are available. Alex is a guide, intuitive, reiki master, and energetic clearing expert. Though activations are where he thrives in helping those that want to move in to a more comprehensive reality of reaching their fullest potential and deeper understanding themselves and their relationship to their environment.

My Philosophy

I believe that without acknowledging the darkness we can't let in the light. We must acknowledge all parts of us to truly be able to thrive and be here in the now.

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